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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

06 Jul, 2009 - Kawhia, Turakina valley via Hunterville, and Hamilton by Ruby

We took this ride a couple of weeks ago... specifically to see my folks, whom we had not visited since just before our trip away. It was a great weekend, with the weather being pretty settled, tho cold. Traffic was light, and we made it to mum and dads in time for afternoon tea. It was sooo nice seeing them both looking well, even tho they were both getting over the bot!

Dad, who will be 90yrs in September, and with mum who is...... better not say, cause I might get growlies. And Aunty Beryl, well I have adopted her as my aunty, she is a very kind person, and kept mum and dad up to speed on our travels all last year. Noel and I were rapt to finally meet her and hubby Terry. While we enjoyed a delicious chicken dinner mum had cooked,  Dad hauled out a dusty bottle of port. he had been saving, and very nice it was too, a great way to round off the evening.Tho all too soon we had to say our goodbyes and carry on down country to give my son a surprise visit for his birthday 


Traveling the coast line is real pretty, enabling us to avoid the gorge which was very icy at the time. Jesse officially 37yrs old today....much to the amusement of Elizabeth my lovely daughter inlaw. Pretty hard to take a shot in motion, but here are their girls dancing for us.... Claudia, Alex, and Talia. Yet another flying visit, but great fun just the same. Well, after a cooked breaky we hopped back onto the bike heading for Hamilton, on the way we stopped in at Cambridge to have a quick cuppa with Noels outlaws. Then over to Hamilton to stay the night with Aarron, Noels son, and family Amy and Naomi. Third night in a row having someone else cook dinner, pretty damn good.


Naomi, almost 2yrs... the dessert road, freezing!! see Mt Ruapehu behind me.... and on thru Lake Taupo with the mountains behind Noel. This is the first time I had worn our " wet " suits that we had bought from Don, Scuderia cycles Sanfransisco... and man! they were great! kept out the freezing cold.


Karen parking her boat out of the way at our place for Rex's 50th birthday bash... it was fancy dress, so Noel went as a pirate, and I went as a Tropical garden... we had a ball, caught up with heaps of people we hadn't seen for eons. And this praying mantis is pregnant, I'm following her progress. So there you go, we are still out and about, with heaps of kms on the bike. We did over 1500 kms on our visit the family weekend.