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18 Jul, 2009 - Growing Buildings by Ruby

Since I've mentioned the two new lodges we're putting up.... Noels doing most the building, I thought some pics would be relevant

all the under floor prep done.... just waiting for the truck... bit funny really, cause when the driver did arrive, he accidentally turned the concrete pourer on before he had finished backing! so it was a mad scramble for the barrows and the men to catch the mix!


last pour, didn't take long really.... and our first load of timber being unloaded, up behind the house, for the new en suite that will service the guests bedroom in our house. And some of it had to be lifted  from the neighbors paddock over our plantings, a steer wondering what the hell was going on.


this is just a pic from the farm paddock, looking over the back of our buildings to the lakes.... and the local garden club like to check on our progress every other year.Its great! the ladies all know the names of the stuff I plant, and have some good advice to share,they are standing on the new deck Noel built of the lodge that is canter levering over our lake.... framing up of the largest lodge beside our boat shed, back view.


its raining, cold and miserable! the little lodge on the lake... all the buildings, and far left of the middle pic is the large lodge and boat shed..... Spatz, Claire and Troys Great Dane. They brought him and his lab mate Jasper up to stay Saturday night. It was sooo funny, they are city dogs, and are indoors a lot of the time, so when Claire took them for a run in the rain Jasper went crazy, he had a ball charging about. Spatz is a little timid and had to be persuaded..... then the worst thing happened! he was standing in the swamp and put his nose up to the fence....of course it was on, and it was hot! you should have heard him howl. He took off up to the house, and that was that. Just not impressed with country life, and not happy to go out again. Molly our eldest smallest cat just wanted to swipe them every time they passed her.... and the other two hid til the dogs left next day. Really funny to see.