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03 Aug, 2009 - Kai Iwi Lakes Trout Fishing Competition by Ruby

OK, so it was a couple of weeks ago, but the weekend was brilliant! After torrential rains the few days before... the morning of the fishing competition was bright sunshiny and brittle.

I took these pics of our frame up, and swamped dingy in our lake, cause it really happened overnight....the rains were hard, and heavy. But as you can see, the happy anglers later on in the weekend were in sunshine!!


Sids last catch before tally up... Debs, local chef, farmer, and not so lucky angler.... Paul, avid supporter. Al tho the number of anglers were down this year, economics??? who knows. The trout definitely weren't, cause they were in very good condition, and many of them weighing in at over 2.5 kgs


one of the biggies.... our happy locals, Rex,waiting for a dentists appointment.... Sid well pleased with his catch of the weekend.... and some hardy souls packing up for the day. Its a really great weekend for everyone. People come from all over the place to compete, and us locals who are not fishing roll up for support and a tasty B.B.Q


Rudi and Faye, recording weights and measurements of all the fish. They are really outstanding in their dedication, year after year, in making sure this event runs smoothly... and indeed at all..... Rex reading out one of the prize certificates...and Molly guarding the coffee cups. 50 anglers turned up, and 100 fish were weighed in. Great weekend for all of us. Cheers, catch up later with hmmm what ever turns up.Ruby