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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

18 Aug, 2009 - Riley's 1st Birthday by Ruby

This ones really for the rallies that could not turn up to celebrate our youngest grandsons 1st birthday

Riley and dad, Corey..... Riley and his little friend..... mum Erin, and big brother Connor helping Riley with prezzies.... Erins special creation, a Mickey mouse birthday cake.

Flynn my youngest, and partner Zoe..... one of Riley's Great grandmas Tommy, a granddad Mike, and Aunty Karen.......   great granddad,,,,, Karen.... Greatgrandma.... Noel


Me with Riley, and youngest granddaughter, Niomi...... Corey and his dad, brother and kids..... Erin's friend Trish rescuing the littileies... the kids had a ball in the warm sunshiny afternoon


We went and visited Great granddad Roy after the party... he didn't come with great grandma Nell.... And Connor in the middle the other week deciding what clothes to wear


just another sunset..... one of Connors friends waiting his turn..... and driving rains with hail a couple of weeks ago.. I know I am gonna be dead meat if I've missed any body.... Sorry sorry sorry.  til next time. Oh, by the way, the roofs are now on the two new lodges, I have finished all the red paint/stain.... and Noels busy banging on the weather boards on the little sticky outy bits.