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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

28 Aug, 2009 - Down to Kawhia by Ruby

We had a real good ride down to mum and dads last friday... probably not the right date, but I'm gonna put two separate journals in of the same weekend, cause there are too many pics. We actually wore our winter bike gear, and got a little warm!!! roll on summer. Oops, I am not trying to jump spring tho, cause everything is so bright and flush.

Toka Toka Mt or hill, not sure but its pretty damn steep...one day, I am gonna drag Noel up it. And some farm land, the red sheds are wintering feeding places.... naughty naughty, this dillbrain got caught speeding, and we are sooo good we never do!!! see how fine it is? such a good break in the weather.


this here is a little car that the owners of our stop for breaky café have covered with carpet with ears n things to make a mouse! pretty cool really, would love to see it on the road. And this is a huge complex being built this side of Huntly or there abouts for racing, but I can't remember what sort. Speed way I think, but if I go and ask Noel, thats like the other end of the house away!!!


mans best friend.... yep, we have trains, there were plenty of road works on the way down, with some residue flooding, pretty common this time of the year.


a Maori cemetery, some real interesting graves... entering the harbour to Kawhia, the coldest part of the trip... yaaa mum and dad waiting for us, ( mums wearing the pinny I made her god knows when ) probably in my hippy days. We had such a good visit, decided to do FISH and CHIPS for dads early fathers day dinner. Noel and I picked it up from the chippie on the wharf, Yummies!!


Too much for Noel, he nodded off during afternoon tea with the olds, mum said I was mean taking this, ho hum, old man napping AGAIN! Kawhia harbour at dusk.... and the lovely old , old? nothing is old since we have been over seas, but old for us I guess, church at Kawhia the "good crims" tidied up for the anniversary.


Traaa daaaa I get to try out dads mobile scooter, cept he didn't turn it on to fast for me.( one of the tires was a bit flat ) Really cool. Old people are soo lucky to have these things... and some of their country side. We always marvel at how rugged and beautiful it is down this way. I love my parents heaps... its a pity they live so far away.... bye for one day, cause the next journal is on our way back up north, stopping in Cambridge for Noels kids grandparents 60Th wedding anniversary.