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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

29 Aug, 2009 - On up to Cambridge and the 60th by Ruby

Well, we left mum and dads after breaky..... dad made me this HUGE plate of porridge. Good stuff. The weather report says rain today, but its as clear as a bell. Made good time into Cambridge

Yukk! Naomi is not too impressed with the green stuff they put into her salad sandwich!.... and her and Marlee giving the dogs a pat. ... One of the most photogenic faces around, this is Miriam, one of the Parr's grandduaghters.... Congratulations to Gene and Peter on their 60th wedding anniversary, we had a great catch up with everybody...... most of the family were there.


Noels kids and spouses...... speech time.... and they all came to see us off. We had a good ride home, and only hit a couple of light showers, so that was 870kms round trip. Great to be on the bike again