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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

21 Sep, 2009 - Fiji by Ruby

Off to Fiji for a week with Paul and Sandra...YAAAAA lotza sun. And thanks to our friends, we got to start the holiday in style.... spent a couple of hours in the Koru lounge. Scrumee food, and heaps of liquids. Left an hour later than we were ment to, which ment we missed  the restaurant. They close early over here. So we quenched our thirst and headed off to our rooms. Can't say we were really starving either.

one of the old head/face masks the Fijian Warriors used to wear in the old days, ... and of course the first thing we do the first day is head off to town for supplies and a wander. The hotel shops are just too damn expensive. $11.00 for a $3.00 bag of chippies!! The main street of Nadi is crowded with tourists and natives, all trying for the best bargain...  This man talked us into signing up for a 90 min chat about time share. The incentive was a all day cruise and stop for snorkeling and food etc on one of the out lying islands. We all paid over our $20.00 refundable deposit and carried on our way.


heaps of stuff to see these lizards come out in the afterenoon... Sooo funny, Noel had gone to get a new key, cause it didn't seem to be working, but mine did, so we all piled in then Paul and Sandra decided to block the door on his return. You can imagine the language when he thought his key wasn't working again!!!.. flowers in the rain... and frogs everywhere at dusk. I caught a couple, they are so brittle and dry!


It had to happen, someone had to catch Fiji belly... so Noel and Paul yakked man things,.. and I wandered around taking pics, this is the walkway to  breaky


Noel and I did go and sit thru the presentation, which by the way was veryyyy interesting. But after saying no about a hundred times we were refunded our $20.00 and two vouchers for the cruise. The other four opted to pay for theirs. Which reminds me, Troy and Claire had decided to do their honeymoon in Fiji, which coincided with us being there! The morning we were due to set off Sandra was still feeling a bit iffy, and they decided to post phone. So it was me and Noel, and Troy and Claire, thats us two doing the Kava drink. Boys did not play. And our lovely boat


it was a brilliant day on the island. These birds smaller than a chook are almost non flying but as cute as.


and these cheeky fellows finishing off the remains of our B.B.Q lunch, a neat day, the snorkeling was as good as ever, and everyone mixed in. There were about 70 people on board, all ages. ... Always something to be done by the crew..... and music!! the Fijians can sing like one thing. Paul and Sandy managed to go out the next day, which was great. This is such a happy place. The Fiji people really seem genuinely carefree and friendly. Every night cept the first one, we would have drinkies at either room, then catch a cab to the Port for dinner. It was great,it  Troy and Claire had a couple of meals with us, and one night Tom Sharplin was singing!!! only OLD people will know who he is. Me and Sandy danced every night there was music. Even the old guys got up a couple of times. One day we went to the nearest island for a change. The water not so clear, and Noel did not get in with me, its sooo warm here.A couple of families live here, and hey... so do some pigs!


Hellooo look at me, a sow, a boar, and in the other bit, their 4 piglets. A floating pig sty. The tide was not in when we arrived, so they were just sitting on the rocks.... not bad really, the man waded out and threw water over the pigs and floor, so all the crap floated to sea to feed the fishes, and the hungry dogs chased the fish. Too sad to see starving animals. Tho they were very friendly, almost took off my hand when I fed one some bun tho! The homes were very basic.


a lot of junk on the island... I waded out to the mangroves and around,just looking so pretty .... this young bitch was ever hopeful


so pretty, such a shame that people have no conscience about the care of their animals... a huge crab hole... and she's fishing


yaaa got a catch!one of the paw paws that floated out of the pig cage..... so trusting, so bloody skinny. Even tho I take these pics, and get pissed off, I realize theres nothing I can do about it. And they enjoyed the pats. Happy happy happy... we had a good flight home, and now its catch up time