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05 Oct, 2009 - Jackie's Happy 80th Birthday by Ruby

Its freezing!! only 14 degrees in the house, I'm gonna have to find my slippers.... Hi everyone, mainly its just been work, but Noels son Aaron came up for the weekend with family Amy and Naomi which was very pleasant. Then Amy, Naomi and I went over to Jackie's 80th birthday on Saturday.

the oldest people in the room! birthday girl Jackie, with Nell and Roy, Noels parents.... Naomi found it all just too much!!

and Jackie doing the honours to her cake, which was a delicious kumara and ginger offering by her daughter Julie. It was nice catching up with the olds, and most of Jackie's kids,  grandkids and two of her great grandkids.


Hiding from Nana..... patting granddads cat.... our yellow brick road leading to lodge three, it will end up being concreted, and lit.


as close as the swans will let me get to their signets.... Ewok and her pet rat.... latest painting... SPRING Fairie.... off to make dinner, see you soon XX