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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

23 Oct, 2009 - Labour weekend.... well actually the week before it by Ruby

Everything is speeding up now, and if I don't get these pics in they are gonna be obsolete!!! Paul and Sandra our friends but also Paul is our electrician came up for the weekend to do some wiring. It was fine weather so we all did STUFF.... I don't know why, but my computer will not put on the pics, will have one more try before I chuck it out the window!!!

about bloody time! so here's Paul doing the wiring, and Noel digging in yet another cable, and me spreading rocks in the garden, and Sandra brought up a heap of cabbage tree seedlings which she planted for me


Heavy digging.... Molly taking care of the book work..... Noel got to the shower first after the long day, and Spenny the dog making the most of Aunty Ruby resting! We got heaps done, then some friends turned up for dinner, and too much wine. All good, back into it on sunday before P & S had to head off home to Auckland. The place is looking sooo nice. Now the roading guys have turned up but I have to put the week before pics in before I go there. The weather has been pretty kind to us, if a little cold. Ate my first broad beans yesterday, Noel said I'm welcome to them, so I gave him a fresh strawberry instead.