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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

23 Mar, 2008 - Back into USA - MONTANA by Emil

We said our farewells to Cliff and Maureen, the prefect Hosts, at looking after us and also entertaining us

Yesterday we rode off south towards Coutts and the boarder between Alberta and Montana. The ride to Coutts was a quick one, and at times the road was quite devoid of traffic. At one stage we even rode side by side, for about 5 ks, enjoying the moment and taking in the atmosphere until a sudden wind squall that  scared the crap out of us brought us back to reality. Then when finally reaching the boarded post we joined a que 2 ks long. Needless to say Grumpy and I had alot to discuss as we waited. All this fuss for what ? We cleared with minutes,Thanked the lovely boarder guard for her trouble and started looking for the nearest pit stop which thankfully was just a 100 metres away, Us old men don't seem to hang on like we used to but we did today

Rode into a pleasant little American township Shelby and decided  to bunk down here. Today we will try to move towards the south-east  but all depends on the weather. Its Easter here so we wish you all have a happy break and will talk to you later.

Till then cheers for us BUMS