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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

25 Oct, 2009 - Sunday of Labour weekend by Ruby

Whew! its been full on this weekend, fully booked! yaaaaa. Some interesting people too, I had to do breakfast for a young surgeon from Hamilton, tho lives in London and going back in December. We had a great chat bout bowel cancer of all things. Too much red meat seems to be a big problem here in N.Z. Then I had an older German couple for breaky this morning. So another long chat, they were from Munich so we shared some tales. But still the work goes on. Tomorrow I feed another gentleman from the UK who is interested in our wild life. Man, my head almost seems not big enough for all the talking that gets put in it sometimes. And around all that Noels Daughter Claire and hubby Troy came up for the night with their "kids" as well, my son Flynn and partner Zoe popped up for dinner. Really nice seeing them all.

we have ordered red perspex to put on the front of the railing, so the guests can still see out when they sit sipping their drinkies.... And Athee our digger making a hole for the septic tank etc... then off to the chook run to make me a pond.


our HAPPY PAINTERS...Jack and Lloyd, they completed both lodges in just 4 days!!! spray painting is the way to go...Noel doing a balancing act spraying the house for spiders.... Naomi and Spot watchin T.V a couple of weeks ago, and some young shags I passed on my run the other morning.


nope, this is not snow or ice, but the frothy stuff the fire brigade use to douse flames. In this case, some logs that some dimwit set alight up at the lakes reserve! .. And of course Spot makes a come back, we have never known a cat that leans like he does, the wall, one of my paintings, where ever,he isn't fussy where he ends up as long as its leanable.

Spatz killing yet another ball...our grandson Connor saw these a while back and asked his mum why did Santa have a knife in his back! we just cracked up on that one.... Then there is this bit better pic of a Pukeko for our German friends, I shall keep trying for a closer shot, but the little peckers are pretty wary. See you later, I think its drinkies time. Good health everybody