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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

27 Nov, 2009 - Lodges Finished!!! by Ruby

Well nearly... The bloody power man did not turn up as promised, and there are a few bits and pieces, but my Qualmark guy has been and gone          and loved the place... got my 4 stars so alls well for the moment. Takes the heat off us anyways.

this is the studio lodge canter levering over our little lake.. its soo pretty. The swans were here today, not too bothered any more of the new structure


The trip tic I painted for the lodge... a grey heron landed on our roof.... Rex n' Karens cows on the ridge over looking our lake with swans.

So enters another phase of our life... dumpty doo. Shall take pics of the other lodge for next time. Til then.