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08 Dec, 2009 - Swans by Ruby

After all these years, I've finally done it!!!! caught the signets first practice flight from our lake

It was sooo funny, they had obviously had a con flab with their parents, cause they flew up the other side of the lake to avoid                                           the new lodge which used to be their crash site... not too clear pics, but just look at them go!

one of them flew too far, and had to do a uturn to crash back into the lake... then it was onto the bank for a bit of a shake down...

they were all talking at once, like the signets were comparing flight techniques or something.... they are as huge as the parents,                                        but not as dark yet


after squeezing thru the fence mum and dad leads them off home... they were not too impressed with me following them, and flew off


Check out this amazing colour... our native tree, Pohutukawa, or is known as the Christmas tree as well. They grow massively big and high, absolutely gorgeous when in bloom, and the Tui just go crazy over the nectare...  OK, so I promise not to bore you with the swans again... well, maybe not for a while. Had a steady flow of guests, and the weather has been very kind. 23 degrees yesterday. Have a happy week everyone.