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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Dec, 2009 - Christmas Day!!! by Ruby

It was weird... but in a way, it was also great!!! first time in our history we haven't had all the families, or damn near.Just me and Noel,and our friend Pietro from Hamilton came up for a couple of days. Firstly, we rode down to Kai Waka on Christmas eve to meet up with him and share dinner at the BEST ITALIAN restaurant this side of the black stump. Then Noel and I hopped back on our bike for home with Pietro following in his car. Christmas morning, he woke us up with Italian sparkling wine, and Pandoro.. their special cake. What a way to start the day... a few coffees later it was off for a ski on a perfectly smooth lake. Then the three of us went over to the neighbors to admire a beautiful Shelby Mustang that Rex had bought in the states a few months ago and had done over. Coffee first, then bubbly, Rex had a Duets on the chill.. Hmmm, not a bad start to Christmas.

Flynn and Zoe came over bout 6pm to share dinner with us...

it is sooo hard to take a pic of my youngest Flynn, and Zoe doin the prezzie bit.. while Noel is waiting for dinner... that Pietro was cookin..

and me in my Christmas Prezzie!!!  it was a lovely relaxing day. 9 guests in and settled, and us five just shooting the breeze. It is still very hot... the hottest in a decade here..... so much snow for you folk over seas.... weird. love to you all.