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30 Dec, 2009 - New Years by Ruby

Happy Healthy New Years, everybody...... I have to write as the 30th Dec, cause my computer will not accept 2010, so until I can speak                           to AJ about it..... please be patient. Aarron came up with Naomi, Claire and Troy oh, and the two dogs for a post Christmas visit...                                     it was great catching up with them all

Naomi getting another Christmas.... five second nap.... aunty Claires hat

Check out how much this little girl eats!!!! and off to feed the chooks.....  relaxing after our swim in the lake....


Guess what the bunnie got for a New Years Prezzie REX....  and only one chick managed to survive this dozy chooks efforts,                                        she actually started off by sitting on 10 eggs! Noels olds, and my friend Jackie came out for lunch while the kids were still

here, and I wanted Jackie to hop on SPATZ the great Dane.... she was not havin any of it. We really had a very nice New Years                                    with mostly our guests, and a few of the neighbors. Still packed to the rafters!!!!!