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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

14 Jan, 2010 - helicopter!!!!! by Ruby

These last couple of days has been a blast..... Simon came up to the house for a fishing license for his son Luke, and liked the place so much decided he would like to spend a couple of nights here with his kids after camping for the week.Incidentally,Luke caught three trout .Well, this is how we sorted out some of the accommodation costs.
it was sooo cool... we both got two rides, way up to the Bluff, down the beach at 112miles an hour... simulated crash, gulp! but its not like the movies people, no spinning out of control or anything.... just scary dropping.


and as you can see, I took my camera.. we had to take my door off for clear shots. The G force held me in when we were doin side shots, pretty amazing stuff really. Simon took us thru valleys, saw heaps of goats on Johns property


then last night we all decided to share a B.B.Q dinner, so off Simon and his son Luke went into town for supplies, and guess what...

Simon tells me Luke's cooking dinner!! whoa,an almost 12yr old boy???? but he did, and we had such lovely marinated pork chops

with all the trimmings


our little chef....smile, Luke.... Molly was doing her usual thing, getting away with blue murder, and Jades dinner.... Luke even prepared dessert!!


Kasey, Luke's sister and Friend help him clean up... I think Simon said we were 16 hundred feet.... then we came straight down and left my stomach up there somewhere... so now its back to normal... WHATS NEXT, WHATS NEXT????  cheers Simon, we really had a ball.