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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Jan, 2010 - interesting week by Ruby

No earth shattering news, or events, just heaps of very interesting people staying. In three nights, I had Japanese, Turkish, and Dutch. Absolutely brilliant!!

Our lovely Dutch guests Rod and Cora came off the road late... and decided to join us for our home made hamburger dinner. It was very impromptu, as we had got Erin and family to hold the fort for us for Saturday night so we could  go up north to attend a dinner being put on by one of Noels clients, a lovely old lady who decided to thank all the workers with a delicious meal. Well, Rod got his guitar out and sang twinkle twinkle little star with Connor, then treated us all to a session. He used to be in a band. Our guests from the end bedroom came up to share the evening with us. Great!!


Heading off up north.... don't get far before Noel has to make a pit stop!! One of the old Pa sites this side of Kaikohe


Main St in Kaikohe... the place has really gone to the dogs, this hotel is advertising $120.00 per WEEK!!! imagine the rooms????? half of the back is boarded up with sheets of old iron, and there are heaps of old neglected houses people choose to live in.


misty morn a few days ago... Noel working off those extra Taite's from Christmas... and Molly the bug eyed bull dog waiting for breakfast