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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

11 Feb, 2010 - summer by Ruby

Just some pics of sunny days for our friends over seas experiencing snow and cold weather!!

Arron Van stopped by for a beer or three the other day... interior of lodge three... and our friend Cris erecting the grandies swing set

with just a few finishing touches, she's ready to go... Ewok taking first dibs at the left overs


Johnathon finally gets his turn... riding over to Whangarei to see Noels olds on a sunny sunny day. Heaps of road works before they finish their

financial years worth of allocated monies


This part of the road is particularly bad for subsidence.. Ginny no ears still around... and one very red dragon fly on our deck. Its so hot and dry here

Great for the holiday makers, not so great for the plants and animals.