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22 Feb, 2010 - Valentines been and gone. by Ruby

We had a lovely Valentines, which happens to be Noels birthday, and our wedding anniversary.... just did a few jobs, then snoozed in front of the box. That evening we had a nice time with our friends  over for dinner. Karen made Noels favorite cream sponge for dessert.... Yummies

Happy birthday tooooo Noel.... and some beautiful flowers he gave me for our anniversary


Spot resting..... looking over the dry paddocks from the back of our place.... two cute Chinese guests get first try out of the swings

  see how mean Minors are??!! our self appointed residents didn't like strangers flying onto the property, and promptly commenced to fight them. I don't know what would have happened if Noel hadn't shooed them away.There was blood everywhere!