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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Mar, 2010 - New grandchild by Ruby

Hi everyone.... really just the great news of our newest grandaughter...

Well we took off to Hamilton this Monday gone to see our newest grandchild, Emma Grace just before dawn. It was an awesome ride all the way til we hit Auckland bout 9am and the bloody traffic!!! just lucky we can lane split, or we might still be sitting there. The road works were in Warkworth, and the dawn rising pics are on the Ruakaka straights

not much going north, .... I just love seeing the City with the Sky Tower on a fine day!... and here we have her, one cute sleepy baby


and me and Naomi tracing hands... it got all too much for Emma who just dropped off on mums chest..... we thought it quite funny really, came all that way to see her, and she won't even remember! Great ride back as well.Sheep worlds pink sheep on the way back ( Noel never remembers to slow down so I can get a good pic! ) The owners dye the sheep pink on a regular basis.


Chinese planting next months lettuce at Pukakohe.... the shag we saved from a hit and run driver, we caught him on the road dazed, and brought him back to our lake with a ripped shoulder, and bloody beak. It took him a couple of days to recuperate, then off he flew, came back two days in a row. But now has gone for good I think. And the first monarch butterfly I have seen this season. Its been a good, busy week for me. Russian, Swede, and Pom guests. All very interesting, and all HUNGRY... We are off on a yacht for a few days with friends this monday... so til after then.