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09 Mar, 2010 - Dargaville Field Days by Ruby

Thank god for better weather!!! cause last year, they apparently had to call it off a day short. And last minute guests????? comin out of the rafters.

the car park was bulging on Friday when we went, and the parking attendant just happened to be an old school chum of Noels from waaay back. They were laughing about how they had both grown into big boys since then. Me with some other old stuff getting blown around in the breeze.


Clydesdale's doing their bit for the punters, and I just loved this ladies cool dress. Tui birds hand carved


This couple bought a lovely Kiwi... Noel testing out the pee boxes... then we had to race home so I could cook dinner

for our delightful Swedish guests, and friends Carl and Sandy. Great day actually, got to meet heaps of people we only see once or twice a year,

or more often at a funeral! Oluf and Ann the Swedes are coming back next year to stay longer,Hmmm its almost worth me putting my own vineyard in.There was heaps of farm machinery etc, but its a bit boring to take pics of, and we missed the woodchoppers.