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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

13 Mar, 2010 - Yacht trip by Ruby

Absolutely brilliant!. Specifically, Noel thought it would be a good idea to take Dann our friend from Houston Texas for a trip on the high sea's to give him a little taste of good old N.Z sailing... well ,then we decided it would be even more fun with a few friends along...

but firstly we took Dann for a good long walk round Trounson park, one of the many touristy things to do up here. Heaps of beautiful Kauri

and other natives.... Off on a perfect sunny day.... Tina and Tony..... capt'n Dann.( too tall for steering )


Our first stop, Roberton Island..... and a race to the top.... the old girls made it with puff to spare.


We decided to call it a day, and anchored at Pippi Bay... Noels BIG FISH ho hum, just one of many that went back into the drink, as did one of Paul's fishing rods!! Even after putting all his dive gear on and diving for it,  no luck.


 Poor Tony kept donging his sun burnt head, so Tina to the rescue... Paul baiting up on yet another rod.... and our last view of the day.


after breaky, and dish duty.... we sailed all the say up to the Cavellies for some diving, but something happened to Paul and Dann had to go rescue them, not before he fell in the drink trying to get the out board started... which wouldn't restart when he reached the boys! it was really funny if it wasn't so serious. Got Paul on deck, one sick puppy


one worried freind.... one worried wife...... but soon he was back to his happy self and we took off again with me having a turn at the wheel.


when u gotta go... the R Tucka Thompson..... it was great! heaps of laughs, too much food, n' booze. Swimming, fishing, of which only three were keepers.And then the last day saw us with engine trouble!  a few phone calls later it was sorted, and we hung around in a bay waiting for the rescue team. A new impaler, and we were off!! for the final leg home and back to reality. Cheers, guys.