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22 Mar, 2010 - new babies by Ruby

Introducing the newest members of our family....... Matt and Charley. 17wks old, and soooooo cute

if they are not playing.... they are eating.... or fast asleep. Charley actually went to sleep waiting for the cats to finish their dinner so he could clear the plates.


Claire, Troy, Spatz, and Jasper came up for the night to say their goodbyes before they leave for Sydney and work. Erin, Corey, Connor, and Riley were also over for the night, MAD HOUSE! dogs and kids everywhere. It was great seeing all the dogs and kids having fun, and our old cats just spit and hiss or totally ignore the lot of them! see the puppies kennel in the back ground? I gave Noel a bit of a hand last week to construct it.....Matt and Charley thinks its OK for short stays.


and the little boys got to use the new swing set, tho granddads mower proved more popular for Riley. First thing in the morning, out of bed and straight onto it. Legs are too short at the moment for the toys.