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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 Apr, 2010 - Kids, guests, and puppies by Ruby

Noel and I went down to Auckland to see Jules Hollands concert with Brice and Rosemary, while Erin and her friend Trish looked after the place for the night. The concert was BRILLIANT!!!. Then the weekend of easter, Jesse my eldest son came visiting with his new partner Treena. She's lovely. And whats even better is, they looked after the place and fed guests the Saturday night so we could go to a wedding up north. My kids are really paying themselves off now.

Riley, Connor, and friend Ebony.... Matt, wet and filthy from the lake wanting in.... our new family member Treena, and happy son, Jess.

How about this, we had these two delightful Chinese couples staying, the full works. Dinner and Breaky. We had such a good time at dinner, that in the morning they decided they wanted to share their Chinese coffee, and green tea with us. Here's Martina making everybody a cup on her own machine that they travel with. The rest, Luise, Joseph, and Pe with my smiley husband.... Molly not sharing the T.V remote


and the puppies growing everyday. Still full on round here. Still drought conditions, tho the mornings and evenings are a little cooler.