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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

24 Mar, 2008 - Left Billings Montana, now in Sturgis South Dakota by Ruby
what a laugh, the motel we finally stopped at was a real dive... light sockets hangin out of the ceiling, cigarette burns in the duvets,and the floor didn't look like it knew what a vac was. But the beds were clean! and there was plenty of hot water. The other tenants looked like long stayers... and a Welfare truck arrived to give out dinner bags to some of them.... we opted for the Irish bar up the road. Great food as usual. Then when we came back to the motel,a big caddy with all the bling arrived selling dope! Brenda was not a happy chappy, especially when in the middle of the night their door got banged on... well, they thought it was. Just dope heads next door.The trip today was more plains, some of them had snow on. But after 5hrs in the saddle, spot the Deer or Antelope. had worn pretty thin. This land is amazing... and HUGE!! I guess the Americans must have invented the word. We also passed a open pit coal mine, once again huge! I enclose a pic of the bikes at little bighorn ( hopefully) twas a very informative, and interesting spot