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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

16 May, 2010 - winter ho hum by Ruby

Well its meant to be winter, but have to say, mostly its very mild and am still getting in the lake with the boys every arvo.

I love this out of focus pic, the boys having a good ole shake after their swim...... and Pearl from next door came over to have dinner with them. Not sure if they were too impressed. I dyed Charley's head to make it easier for Noel to know who's who.

Even tho we have recently had some good rain, its still very dry up here. On our way to Auckland the other day.... just a couple of pics of the city


on our way out and on our way back home again..... some cows for Sheryl, hope you are feeling better :)...... and nobody but us on the road, mid morning friday!!!!

    Damn!!! I'm short of a pic, never mind, we met

the new Victory Vision manager and his partner in their new shop in Auck, a lovely couple with big plans. So we hope it goes off for them.


The new entrance way, garden I've just finished, and my little friend Karen has added her personal touch.... spot the differences. Alls well here, Tho Charley was feeling a bit sorry for himself , cause he and Matt have had their nuts cut off, but everybody else seems to be ticking over nicely with no majors. So I guess no news is good news.