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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

24 May, 2010 - Beautiful days by Ruby

Just a few pics from around the lakes, sometimes, when I go for my run, I take my camera on a still morning such as this.

Lighting is perfect first thing, these winter mornings..... end pic is the Sin Bin, where AJ and Amy were married bout 3yrs ago.


Over looking the Sin Bin to the rest of Lake Taharoa... heaps of beautiful fungus about.


Matt enjoying a healthy breaky..... dew on my cactis..... the boys playing with one of the farm dogs on our walk round the farm


Found this gorgeous little hedgehog wobbling along under the trees, he looked to be on his last legs, so I took him home and fed him

up on mince and cat chippies for three days. Now he is strong, and wanting out, I shall let him go and hope for the best. See how

huge his feet are??? when they are stressed, they squeal like a wounded pig, really high pitched and LOUD!!!!


Charley's thinking Matt's flax looks better than his, so they tug and pull each other til it ends in tears, or teeth, typical kids!!!