:: Journal

This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

07 Jun, 2010 - Bike out to Whangarei by Ruby

We dusted the bike off, and went over to Whangarei to see Noels olds..... great ride, perfect day. Check out how green it is now                           compared to a couple of weeks ago.

crystal clear, off for a run before we leave.... a flower in my garden.... and a magpie, one of our local wild birds, bout half the size of a swamp hen.

Mist on the ski lake... and Rowen and Mark came visiting with their son Lindon, he's pretty crook with the cold.... this is our road, 11kms before we hit the main road into town.. mostly forest


and again... some good bends, and no traffic.... green hills into Whangarei... and me waiting for Noel at the hospital. Roy was just in for a check up.

So guys, thats it. Pretty quiet around here still.