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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

20 Jun, 2010 - Thailand trip by Ruby

Yeppo, my daughter Erin shouted me a trip to Thailand...... Noel stayed home to look after the fort, and spent most of his time feeling miserable with the Flu! Thailand is the hottest, most humid place I have ever been. We found the people really delightful. Very polite, and sooo helpful with the language barrier.

Arriving bout 10am.... heaps of what we found out later were not rice paddies, but salt farms.... one beautiful flower on our road... and a cockroach bout the size of a fat middle finger! Erin went marching off down the road full tit, and I shook out my pants legs.


there are zillions of temples, 80% of Thai are Buddist....Erin getting a good deal from a peddler on the canals.. where a man is fishing for his breaky.

The water looks pretty murky, and we were shown morning glory, a kind of spinach thats grown in it. Which incidentally Erin never ate again. Tho the locals do not drink the water, they wash, and some poo and pee in it. But theres heaps of fish jumping, and water dragons!!! or Komodo dragons as we know them, live in it. Really really interesting, seeing the haves and have nots side by side. Just like any where I guess, but along the canals was pretty romantic from a tourist point of view.


the poor and working class make their houses from anything available. The rich have them made out of Teak... happy Navy boys.


Well finally, I could sit still long enough to take some pics of this beauty climbing from the canal, up around the drain pipe. He had to be at least 6ft long!

Then another day we went out into the country to the floating markets, more canals and heaps of tourists. Just like Queen ST


They cremate, and put the remains in little shrines in big shrines, Erin sticking gold flake on a Buddha, and a small sugar factory we visited. The sugar is made from the dew and rain caught from the coconut flowers! Its a softer sweet than cane sugar. They make it into drinks and also boil it down til its granule like sugar. Then the high light of our trip... riding the elephants. I got to steer, so the guide could take our pics ( at a price ) we ended up buying a couple of rings from him made from the Elephants tail hair... forgot to mention that when we went thru customs.So cool being up there. I fed him bananas all the way round. His head has fine bristles on like a wire  brush.


mum and baby having a wash.... tuk tuks are FAST!!!! you can drive 80kms in the city!!! and when there are cars, tuk tuks, and scooters entwining within hands reach from you, can be pretty Hairy McClairy!!! Tho you rarely hear a horn toot, or cussing from drivers. Loudness and aggression is considered boorish. Thank god for that! cause with over 17 million people in one city, it would mean bedlam. The street vendors ply their trade, and when its closing time they just pack it all up, throw a tarpaulin over it and leave. No locks no nothing.... shames us I think. Heaps wrong with the country, but heaps we could learn from.


Erin and Naa, and me. He was the concierge at the hotel, not too much English, but really lovely and helpful... these poor buggers just crashed before us, picking up their lively hood.So thats what I have been doing for the last 10 days...... have a happy one, and I'll catch up later