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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 Jul, 2010 - Perfect winters day by Ruby

We woke up to such a beautiful fine day that we thought we would carry on with MY NEW STUDIO!!! the plan is to chuck me

out of the other one, which also doubles as the gym.... which is always too messy and crowded for the guests because of my gear.

This is as far as its going for a while, Noel started off nailing the floor for me to finish... Gary, a trout fishing guide I've just met turned up with

a fresh fat trout for me, and the recipe to cook it. Yummies. I tried frying the roe for the cats, but it kept flying out of the pan like pop corn!


Three different versions of a sketch I made whilst waiting for the dentist... anyone wanna buy a painting?


Already paid for this triptik commision.... check out all the teeth, even in play.... where we were same time of year on our trip, Grunden Germany

Spectacular scenery, as all over this area. Still sometimes miss the travel and all the new sights.