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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

18 Jul, 2010 - Sunday Ride by Ruby

Warren and Viv rang this morning to see if we wanted a ride... and since it was such a glorious clear winters morning,

we decided it would be a whole lot more interesting than digging foundations!


I found these melting mushrooms on their drive.... Viv's bike... we rode down to Waipu for lunch, and about 60 other bikers obviously

had the same idea. All sorts, even a couple more victories. It was great to dust the cobwebs off.


Toka Toka hill in the distance.... and Viv. We just beat the rain home, after a delicious lunch at the Waipu Pizza place

We had our 4yr old grandson Connor stay over for a couple of nights these school holidays. He had a ball with the dogs.



The freezing lake didn't put him off... not really sure if Charlie's playing, or hunting... and Connor mastering the bike


Charlie fast asleep on Matt.... and Matt has this habit of sitting half in the dog door so Charlie can't get in