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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

01 Aug, 2010 - Annual Trout Fishing Contest by Ruby

It was last weekend, and the weather was perfect! Saturday was overcast and cold, Sunday was shiny bright and cool. I jogged                                    round the lake Sunday morning catching some folk on the job.

Deborah the ex chef waiting for a bite..... fishing thru the mist.... and Chip with one of the big ones. The numbers of fisher

men were slightly up, and the number of fish caught were WAY DOWN.... from about 100 weighed in last year, only 19

this year. And one man caught 8 or 9 of them! can never tell which way the winds gonna blow.


I just love all the layers of grey in this one, it brightened as I went on, just so beautiful these lakes are.


Peter Allen my old G.P, always catches fish.... and Gary my trout fishing guide who alas caught none this weekend... Everyone seemed

to enjoy themselves, And Lloyd put on a great lunch for everybody.