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25 Mar, 2008 - The Long Road To DEADWOOD by Ruby

At last, Noel gets a chance to do a journal entry.

The warmest day since San Francisco, cos its going to rain soon? After the morning exercise thru Stugis,  a quiet morning was spent looking thru the Stugis Motorcycle Museum & thru local tourist shoppes selling last years Sturgis Rally stoke, tee shirts etc, at really cheap prices, shame we are not on a shopping holiday, NOT.Then after a healthy lunch it was of on the long & tiring? ride thru the canyons to Deadwood, of the TV series fame, a total ride distance of 10 miles, yes thats right, 10 miles, and book into a hotel / casino for at least one night, weather depending.

Tell you what, food & lodgings have definitly been cheap in U S of A, also petrol, they are moaning that they may soon be paying $4.00 / gallon ( less than $1.00 / litre)

Bikes are running superb, extremely comfortable & easy to handle. Yesterday we covered over 500 miles, thru snow covered mountain ranges that go on for ever, all at 75 to 85 mph, accelerating up to 100mph to pass large trucks, that really throw the turbulance. The gold Harley is all handtooled, by a guy in 1949! amazing piece of work. The other is an Indian.  Pics by Ruby