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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 Aug, 2010 - tree milling by Ruby

Well its finally started. The milling of most of the trees at Kai Iwi Lakes. I went down yesterday arvo with the camera,                                                        but didn't last long before a couple of workers told me I was out of bounds, cept maybe if I had a hard hat on....                                                               must borrow one from the neighbor, and see if it makes a difference on my next sortie out into the land of forestry workers.                                            But, before I left the two guys kindly let me take their pic.

Its really quite surprising how fast they are ploughing thru the trees. Then on this weekend gone, Erin was out with her two boys,                                   and Arron and Amy stayed sat night with their two girls, so it was a bit of a mad house, especially since I was also feeding a guest                        Saturday night,


Riley, Naomi, Emma, and Connor. Riley turned two on Saturday,... but he was fast comin down with the bot and was pretty damn grumpy                       by the end of the day.