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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

20 Aug, 2010 - New family Member by Ruby

Well, saw Roy off on Wednesday. It was a really nice funeral a few tears, and a few laughs. and not too long, with heaps of                                            old friends and rallies turning up that we haven't seen for eons to help say good bye to Roy,  Really nice finish for us all.

The book everyone said their last words in for Roy.... Charlie and Matt are not allowed into the kitchen, so when I'm cooking dinner,

they both squeeze in beside the bench to keep me company..... And now that our lake is full of fresh rain water, the boys

Quite often take themselves in for a swim. Thank god, cause man! do they stink!!!



couple of sparrows waiting for scraps.... front of the house for those that haven't seen it for a while... and meet RUFUS, our new, 6mth

foxy x with mini foxy. Picked him up from the S.P.C.A yesterday, by the time we had got home, he'd had one stinky dump, and four vomits.


But it didn't take him long to make himself at home, we gave him his own bed, but hanging out with the  big boys is obviously a better option.