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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

14 Sep, 2010 - Visit to the olds by Ruby

Connor and I took a trip down to Kawhia to visit mum and dad,to celebrate his 91st birthday early. As it happened my elder brother and sister from Aus

were visiting too. So we all had a great catchup, haven't seen Alan for about 5yrs, and Jud a year ago.


Con showing us how big the harbour is.... play ground at Kawhia, took bout 7hrs to get there,rained all the way so he was bustin for some leg stretch.    I find it almost impossible to get the family to pose, but finally here we all are. Alan cut half his beard off for the occasion!!! I actually told Connor

that we were going to meet Santa's brother ) still not sure whether he believed me.


We decided to make the most of the fine weather, and took Connor down to fish aunty Beryls eels. It was really funny.

he snagged a big one, and got such a fright he ran away leaving aunty Beryl to grab the string before the eel took off with it.


she has also got pet goats.... but all good things come to an end, so a final family pic and on the road again. More rain going home. I have to say, this is

not my parents home, but dads rustic shed. I think he was worried bout that.