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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 Oct, 2010 - School holidays by Ruby

Well the holidays are half way thru, and we have had 5 of the 7 grandchildren stay. Just so lucky with the weather, that was fine if a little cool.               Not the rains and wind that was predicted to continue.

We decided to take the dogs and kids to the lake for a play, Alex, Claudia, Talia, Connor, and Riley, and Erin Jess, is behind the camera.


Right size dog for Riley to lead... Claudia and Connor were the only ones to get in with the dogs... Jess trying to throw Alex in.


Then this sunday we took off for a ride with some friends, Viv and Warren warming up.... coffee break at Schooners.


heading up towards the forest.... pee break and gossip.... me taking a pic of Nell taking a pic of me. While Noel Warren and Doug talked bikes

Viv, Del, Nell, and Trev admired the scenery.

Opononi for fish and chips, then onto Kaikohi for a beer... perfect day out for the "olds" Round trip bout six hours.