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25 Oct, 2010 - Last weekend.... by Ruby

Jeez!!! time just seems to be flying by at the moment, must be all the good weather we are having for a change. This Labour weekend has been one out of the box. And last weekend, tho a little chilly still had a bit of sunshine which was just as well because AJ and AMY came up with the girls.     

Off to the lake with the dogs as per usual with the  grandkids. Naomi, and Emma getting a free ride on Amy. Aarron decided to

break the ice on the lake and get in with the dogs..... little did he realize that once they are swimming you have to go like Ella, or they will claw

you to pieces trying to climb on.


sooo funny watching the dogs chase him round the lake... then after they had scratched him to shreds, Matt got out and had his usual roll

around in the dirtiest patch of ground he could find. As we were leaving we disturbed some wild turkeys that were nesting,                                             and they made such a noise, that they disturbed this wild possum that went scooting up one of the remaining trees and safety.


Back home on our own lake.... Matt exhausted after chasing the dingy... and Noels mum came out for lunch, no, he isn't worried...

thats just one of his happier faces :-)  great seeing them all.