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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

28 Mar, 2008 - Deadwood to Soiux Falls by Emil

The weather has finally started to change for the worse  so we headed out of this "Cowboy Town" and decided to head East , destination Sioux Falls if possible before the weather catches us.  This was to be a ride of 400 miles. After a reasonably early start and a cheap breakfast 79 cents for 2 eggs hash browns and toast, (we need the energy for a hard day in the saddle)  we visited Boot Hill and and grave site of Wild Bill and Calamity Jane. In respect  I somehow found it disappointing , very touristy. None of the old western feel about the place, but hey been there and done that

After this we detoured to Mount Rushmore, a big hunk of rock just outside of Keystone, another national park. A brief tour of the parking lot, a few quick pics and we open the throttles and began our trip east in earnest. Stopping only to refuel and for us guys to empty our bladders. The cold weather is playing havoc with this system, our tough companions seem to cope better or is it they drink as much. A very tiring trip with the wind buffeting the bikes a great deal especially passing trucks When they are travelling at around 70 mph you have to exceed 85 just to feel safe, so its grit your teeth stuff and just go. We arrived in Sioux City late afternoon only to find that we arrived an hour later than we thought, this was due to the fact that we have crossed over into another time zone. Gets confusing

This morning we woke to this ,      Pic 1 Outside our motel room   #2  The Girls & Wild Bill  #3  The 4 faces of Mt Rushmore