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12 Jan, 2011 - Christmas day.... finally by Ruby

Well I have sneaked a few minutes before lunch to try and catch up... Noels busy taking all the wheels off the car, after I came home on the new MELTED seal!!! the busiest day of the year on our road, and they decide to reseal! how dumb can you get. Anyway here are some pics of our Christmas day... it was sooo fun with most of the family here, and four extra adults ( my guests ) with their charming little son Lochy. I do not think I have pics of everybody, there were 18 people sitting at the tables, pretty hard to tie them down.


Morning arrives and presents to be opened,


Troy and Claire and me... Erin delivers the birthday cake to Claire and Troy which made our Christmas even more interesting.

Two of our guests were French, a lovely couple who had never had a Kiwi Christmas before, so that was pretty special as well.


Old Nell, Noels mum opening her loot. This pic really does not show just how beautiful my flowers were from Marree and Dave. It really was a lovely day, with everybody.

everybody cept Arronn who is taking the pic.... and the boys watchin the world go by.