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18 Jan, 2011 - New Years pics at last by Ruby

Before its that time of the year again... I am sitting down to put our pics of New Years eve party in. There was 31 of us including the 2 gatecrashers!!! and it was my happiest one in eons. All but one lodge joined us to celebrate with friends and family. The fancy dress was "open" and only 4 people didn't dress up.

Dolly, Brendon and some of the early birds line up with Noel


Hiawatha and her little ghost ... Amy arrives as little BO peep with her daughter Emma as the lamb!

James wife Sandy n' me... and a few of the others

AJ and Mike... Naomi our little BO peep gone wrong... Dolly Parton must have said something funny


James our friend actually went to great trouble to make some balls for his costume... so me and Rufus went hunting.

And Mike AJ's friend looks like  "the cat thats got the cream!"


Just a few ghostly images by the end of the night... with Rufus climbing into someones chilly bag for a rest.

Not all the costumes managed to get in print, but they were pretty aw some.