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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

26 Feb, 2011 - Noels Birthday by Ruby

Well it was on the 14th... and we had friends up the preceding weekend, so I had better put up some pics!

this is obviously later on in the evening when everybody has loosened up... enough to squeeze Thur the dog door!, well Noel couldn't,                               but Sandra and Tina could.


Nine of us set off to walk around the big lake... only me, Jane, husband Alan and Sandra made it. Two sweaty hours later we finally rolled home.

Other friends Rose berry, and Brice, and Sandy and James helped make the evening. And last week I had two delightful Germans staying for

five days. Jurgon is a crazy fisherman and soo wanted to try the lakes in a boat. Our friend Bruce abliged... and the last ten minute of three hrs

saw him catching this brute!


Cooked to perfection and so delicious.We ate the whole thing cept a few scraps for the cats.


Took Petra for a ski on the lake... and saw this "penguin"   Matt enjoying breakfast