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18 Mar, 2011 - this weekend gone by Ruby

OK Karen, this ones for you!... pics of the wedding that stayed at our lodge last weekend... perfect day for them all

Mel looked stunning in a ivory coloured dress, with the girls in peacock colours... and the photographer in casual


Noel and I followed the wedding party down to the lake... only to come to a screeching halt cause one of the cars started

pouring out black smoke from under the bonnet... by the time I got my camera they had pulled out the burning plastic stereo casing,

and the girls had grabbed stuff out of the boot in case it went up!!


Mum and girls take to the shade while the guys fix the car... walking the plank, and some of the guests. The three ladies on the left

sang a lovely song while Mel and Thom walked the isle.


Looking down the isle... Alex the celebrant who is a bit of a showman opened a bottle of bubbly for the newly weds with an old French sword!!

Noel and I left to change linen while the wedding carried on... finished bout 3am so we heard from the music. Next day Alex went skiing with our

neighbor Brendon, only to come off injuring himself so badly that they could hardly get him back into the boat and just drove up to our place to

transfer him into his car so they could drive to the hospital. ( have not heard how he is )


Poor bugger was white as a sheet with the pain.... and Rufus pretending to be a big dog asleep.. Great weekend for everyone.