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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

04 May, 2011 - After Easter and stuff by Ruby

Firstly... we have a new grandson born last night... no pics yet and no name, to my son Jesse and partner Treena. All well, hale and hearty....

Its now slowed down for my guests and feeding them, so here is a wee catchup. We were stacked to the rafters again on Easter


One set of guests arrived in their chopper, which gave everyone else something to talk about... Rufus collecting the last of the summer rays.


Connor and Riley stayed for a couple of days in between guests.. they had a ball on the scooters, Riley is sooo funny.                                                    He is quite a short 2yr old but as tough as an ox, anything his brother can do, he will give it a try....me relaxing after dinner                                         during easter...  Heaps of work, heaps of entertainment, and great  guests.