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09 May, 2011 - Mothers Day by Ruby

Perfect summers day, in autumn. Noel decided to treat me for mothers day and CLEANED my kitchen, then made me brecky!!!

Such a delicious treat.... and our newest addition to the family.... Pinky, who is just six weeks old. Who we got for...

Perky to play with. A wild bout 3 month old kitten that was hit by a car just as Noel came around the corner on his bike.

After a visit to the vets it was decided she deserved a chance for some happy times. Tho she is still too shy to let

out of the bedroom... so the " boys " have only met the kittens thru the window!!! bloody bedlam at the moment.

And my sons new baby is called Theo Otis Blythe Ingham. I am having truoble getting pics over...  check out our green hot dogs

they rolled in the clippings when we were mowing the lawn.