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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

30 Mar, 2008 - Sioux Falls to Sioux City by Ruby

After spending three nights at Sioux Falls, playin in the snow, taking in the sights and finding a good little pub called Latitude 44 corner of 8th & Weber. Which incidently caters for our age group, and has good live music. Both blues and jazz the two nights we spent there, coolin our heels and getting to know the locals. A very friendly bunch. Sad to leave the place, but we had to get to Sioux City 75 mile away to get our pipes changed on the bikes. Bigger noise better fuel consumption and more grunt. Well after a head on wind all the way... we found the shop and had them fitted, only to find the mechanic could not access the Victory Vision computer tune-up site to retune the bikes .Some Victory computer nerd not performing ,  so now we are stuck here til mon when they open up again to have the pipes retuned. Found a  truckies motel to hole up in. We'll go tiki touring whilst here.

bikes outside the bank, check out the iron buffello!... one very lucky pussy in the bike shop.... cougar and cub sculptur... they run competitions every year, and the best ones get to stay, there were heaps! just so lovely