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27 May, 2011 - GRANDKIDS by Ruby

Well, here is the wee fella just two days old... Jesse and Treenas Theo, Otis, Blythe Ingham, our 8th grandchild

And before this weekend arrives, I had better put in the pics of last weekend! we had a very relaxing two days with

Arron, Amy, and their two girls Naomi and Emma. The girls loved having granddad outside swinging.


After they left I did took a bike ride round the lake.. its amazing how many different species of fungus there is out there.


Perky is getting more relaxed... not as relaxed as Pinky.... and Rufus is really feeling the cold, we went out for dinner last night, and

when Noel went to fetch them from the kennel, Rufus was almost DEAD! from hypothermia!!! jeez, and its not even winter yet.