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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

19 Jul, 2011 - MEET CHOOKY by Ruby

Yep... we are still kickin, just been a little busy.... Meet the newest member of our family... Chooky. She is one of about 5 kittens that

were dumped down the road... all the rest have met sad fates, but Chooky made it to my hen house and fed off scraps for a while.

Til I told Noel we either befreind her, or she gets the farmers bullet. Well befreinding seemed the easier option, and after me

feeding her for about a month, finally caught her last weekend. She still hasent learnt that there is heaps of food in this house,

and gobbles up hers and everyone elses thats left around, hence the FAT TUMMY! But friendly she is, and has started

playing with the other two. Just gotta introduce her to Rufus who spent all his time trying to catch her in the wild...