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This is where we'll update you on how our trip is going.

10 Sep, 2011 - FIJI by Ruby

Well its been a week since we went to FIJI for a few nights break. Perfect weather, too much food, snorkeling with the fish in water so warm I never want to get out.... and heaps of sleep. No startling pics I'm afraid

Just laying around in the hot sun.... waiting for the bus into town.... Sparky gets to sit with the Captain of the snorkeling ship.


leaving from our hotel foyer... to the air port... so sad, back to reality.... Brice and Rosemary came out to visit us on their new bike, we all took a BIG ride to Dargaville for a coffee.


Rufus reckons if Pinky can perch, so can he...not really sure what he wants here, but just loves Rufus's bed