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01 Apr, 2008 - Sioux City to Kansas City written by Noel by Ruby

Left our truckies motel hole-up in rain & cold, Monday morn & returned to Victory dealer to get bikes retuned for new exhaust pipes. STGE ONE,  LEVEL TWO, from VICTORY PERFORMANCE. Unfortunatly, dealer still could not access computer system, & they eventually realised that the bikes where California models, & hence needed California codes. Unbelievably, it took Victory head office, 1 1/2 hours to fax thru the code numbers, more waiting, bloody computer systems are so smart, they hardly ever provide anything outside the norm.  Once the codes arrived , it took all of 5 minutes to retune the bikes on the computer hookup, & we where off in still more rain & cold , heading south on I29 to Kansas City.  A bit scary when a pilot vehicle comes up behind you in the rain at 75 mph, passes & then looming out of the spray, at 75 mph is this bloody great  "wide load" taking 1 1/2 lanes passes us with what looked like a part of the space shuttle on board, all wrapped in plastic.  Following was another tail -end - charlie pilot, so we stuck in behind a reasonable distance, & watched with amazment as he continued along the interstate at 75 mph, passing all manner of vehicles. Eventually the road cleared & we where able to overtake & leave that particular convoy behind, with a straight run through to Kansas City, an interesting , smart & clean, city. The $900 US  pipes have def made a difference, more noise & def more acceleration, miles per gallon & higher cruising speed.Don't buy a California bike, their emmission restrictions are ridicuously over the top, its like driving with the choke on in comparrison. Only in America.Over to Ruby.......